Achieving True Freedom through All-Round Excellence

Since July 2008, the goal of creating RIWAY is to allow more people to enjoy an even better life through an excellent brand, a platform for everyone to achieve their dreams and goals. By providing an established and right platform, RIWAY empowers you to achieve true freedom while advocating the culture of righteousness and virtues together with its 6 Goals.

桃園展業處隸屬力匯國際Riway33 旗下團隊之一,主要業務為幫助想轉型的老闆與想創業的人, 創造健康、        財富與自由的人生。展業處團隊成員來自各行各業,包含連鎖便利商店老闆、連鎖咖啡店、醫生、                          台大法律系…等等,目前已遍及台灣各地區和整個全球市場。


A Unique Masterpiece

As a result of our constant pursuit for innovation, RIWAY’s PURTIER  6th Edition has taken on a completely new dimension and revolutionized the industry. Defining a new era of youth – transcending the passage of time, PURTIER  6th Edition is the answer to defying age and embracing our youth.


Essence Spray

Infused with high concentration of only the finest ingredients, each drop of our CONSCIENTIOUS Essence is a “waterless” spray that is now greatly enhanced with the use of gold to provide instant and revolutionary results which transforms the look of the skin.

Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties – a true indulgence that’s beneficial for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties is ideal for those dealing with sensitive, hyperpigmented, and acne-scarred skin. As far as ageing is concerned, gold also helps repair skin damage while adding radiance and glow with its intense light-reflecting colour. It improves skin elasticity, giving it a firming effect and combating environmental aggressors and daily pollutants.


Essence Spray

For the 1st time, captured in a single bottle, CONSCIENTIOUS Essence Spray is ingeniously formulated with the clever use of 27 patented ingredients,** opening up endless skincare possibilities.

Each drop of CONSCIENTIOUS Essence is infused with potent high concentrations of the finest, purest and most botanical ingredients, directly from nature’s best onto the skin.
Created by cutting-edge technology which allows each nano-sized molecule to penetrate through your skin in each drop.
The ingredients work together synergistically to provide instant and revolutionary results which transforms the look of the skin.